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To Make A Consumtive Plaister
Take Burgamy Pitch Rozin and Bee Wax
of Each 4 oz then take 6 Penny worth of course
Turpentine and one ounce of the Oyle of Mace
Melt all these together untill they be the Quantety
of A Gill then Spread it on halfe a Sheep Skinn
then take A Nuttmegg graited and Strow it thereon
If this Plaister Stick on it will doe the Party
much good if it doe not Small whopes of their
Recovery, you must Lay your Plaister from your neck
down to your Stummack
A Receipt for the Green Oyntment to be made
In May The Lady Rottland
Take halfe A Pound of Red Sage halfe A Pound of young
bay leaves Two Quarts of the Best Sallett Oyle you can gett
Halfe A Pound of Rue Halfe A Pound of Wormwood 3 lb
of the Kell of A Sheep Hott out of the Sheep take the hearbs
and cutt them with a Knife and Bruise them in A morter
together with the Kell of the Sheep take it and mingle it
well with the Oyle in An Earthen Pott cover it close
with A cloth and Sett it in A Coule Seller for 9 Dayes
then take itt and Putt it into a Pan upon A Soft Fire
when it is halfe boyled Putt in 3 oz of the oyle of Spike
and Boyle it till it be green and Strane it into
A Pott and Lett it coule So take it out as
your occation offers; but Keep it allwayes
close coverd

This is very good for Any Ake
or old Strane if you Rub the Place
So greived with this Oyntment
And be sure to keep warme After itt

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