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A Receipte for ye Cough of ye Lung's
Take 6 [?] of syrup of ground Jue Halfe an [?] of Tincture
of Saffron A Quarter of an [?] of Spirett of Harts
Horne, mix ym all togeather and take often of itt in ye
Night, lett it fall gentlely downe yt it may Rest
uppon ye Lung's
A Receipt Against ye Stone
Take A quarter of A Peck of Snale Shells yt hath
the snailes in ym in May is ye best time to gather ym
Pick all ye snailes clean out and dry ym in an Oven
beat ym to fine Pouder and searse ym, take one Dram
of this Pouder in whay and soe continue takeing for 20
Dayes together it will cause you to urin Plentifully
To Make A Drink to Cuer A Meagrem
Or any Disseness in ye Head Probatim
Take Cytran Myrabolins 2 ounces slise ym from
ye Stone and A good Handfull of common Sutherinwood
cutt small Putt ym in 2 quarts of ye Best clarett Wine
And Putt it in A Gouge or Bottle and Stop ye mouth
very close and sett it in A Pan of hott Water to
Infuse for 12 12 houres yn Strean it through A Clean
Cloth and Putt it into 2 Bottles and keep it close
Stopt and lett ye party drink A Quarter of A Pint
in ye morning Fasting and Eat not till Dinner
and Drink ye same att 4 A clock in the Afternoone
So Long as it last's It is an infallable cure for
This Distemper it hath helped those that have been
60 years Old and upwards
A Wash to Make One Faire
Take A quart of Bean Flowers 1 Quart of Fumentary
Flowers A Quart of Rosemary Flowers and 1 lb of Bitter
Almond's Blancht, 6 Leomans Stampe ym All Togeather and
Putt ym all in a Gallon of ye Best and oldest White Wine
you can gett And lett it stand to Infuse A month befor you
use itt

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