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An Excellent Receipt for ye Palsey or weak sinnues
Or Any Old Straine
Take 2 quarts of very strong Aquavite and Infuse in it 1 pound
of Imperatory; of Sarsaparilla and Castorum of Each halfe
an Oz bruise all those a little, Add to them 2 handfulls of ordenary
Lavender Flowrs Rosemary and Sage Flower's of Each one
Handfull Steep these in An Earthen Pitcher yt is very well
[nealed?] on ye inn Side; and so Putt A Bladder over your
corke and stop ye pott very close and keep it in a Chimney
Corner where there is a constant Fire so it may be allwayes
warme for ye space of Fower Dayes and nights, setting ye Pott
often on Warme Ember's Shakeing ye vessell twice or thrice
a day, yn Take 9 drams of Camphear desolved in Halfe A
Pint of ye Spirett of Wine, when ye time is Expired of yr
Infution Putt ye vessell in A Could Seller to Settle ye Spiritts
And when you feele the Picher Perfectly could, yn open itt and
Stir into itt ye desolved campher and Spirett of Wine yn
Pass it 2 or Three Times through A Hipocris Bagg So Keep
it in A Glass very close stopped
Directions how to use and Keep this Balsome
It is allways to be used cold ye spiretts are so quick it
will vaper all Away Scrub it in till it is dry, Putt some
of it in A Spoone and Rub ye Mould of ye Head and nape
of ye neck and Places where there is any contraction of ye
sinnew's or debillety of ye nerves; it is excellent for ye
gout or Any creak or A[c]hes Rubing ye places Afflicted
this is good for Any distemper yt P[ro]seed's from Could
it is alsoe good for ye Head Ake annointing ye Temples
This Balsome must be allwayes close Stopt and Kept in
A Coule Place; and As seldome opend as you can take
your daly use into Little glasses; when you use it must be
All Night and Morning Rubing it well into ye Place
A Receipt Against A Stich
Take a Brounbread Toast and when it is hot Spread
it over with Treackle and Apply it warme to the
Place Greived and it will give Preasant ease to
the Party

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