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A Dyett Drink To Purge ye Head and Body
Au Smallwood
Take 4 Gallon's of Strong Ale wort boyle
it till it comes to Three yn Putt it up with good
Store of Barme yt it may woorke well and when it is
ready to Tunn make A canvis Bagg and Putt in
these Following Ingrediences; 4 oz of Sena 4 oz
Polle-Pode of ye Oake 2 oz of Bay Berry Hulls
2 oz of Anno Seed's 3 oz of Ash Chatt's or Keyes 2 oz
of Sassafras wood 2 oz of Rubarb 2 oz of Manna
1 oz of Alicompaine All these Bruised into powder
Except ye Manna and Sena wch must be put in whole
And when ye Ale hath done working Putt ye Bagg
into ye Barrell and Stop it close up after 3 or 4
Dayes Drink halfe a Pint a morning fasting and
in ye After noone ye 3 [?] Part of Halfe A Pint, and ye
like quantety when you goe to Bed.
If you take some Broth an houre before dinner
it will work ye Better ye more you Excersise the
better you may Drink more or less as you finde
it Worke
A Very Good Dyett Drink to Purge ye Body
and Purifie the Blood
Take Halfe a Peck of Scrubygrase and Two handfulls of
Watercresses Two Handfull's of Brooke lyme, one of Horse
Radsish 1 Handfull of A licompane 1 of Red Dock Root
one of Wormwood and one of Saxsefrass, wash scrape and
make clean ye Roots Slice bruise or cutt ym into Six
or Eight Quarts of quart Ale add thereto 4 oz of muske
Rubarb drink A Good Draught thereof After the
same in 2 days Old So long as it doth Last
(viz) in ye morning fasting and att 10 A clock
and att 4 in The After noone and walk after
itt you may drink halfe a Pint att a time or more
or less as you find it Work's

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