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An Excellent Receipt to Heale ye Lungs or cutt
Flegm or Lousen A could
Take 2 oz Rasolis Stone ym and beat ym very fine
yn Add 2 oz fine Lofe Sugar well beaten and after you
have Pounded those well together well in A morter
Ad 2 oz of Syr[up] of Popeys, and of consarve of Roses
the Like quantety yn Drop 20 Drops of Spirit of vittorall
in to itt mixing all well and take morning and night
A Knife Pointfull Probat[um] Est

A Receipt for ye Scurvie or Dropsie
Take 3 Gallon's of Strong ale and 12 P[enny]worth of
Sea Scruby 4 handfulls Brookelyme 4 handfull's of
Broume Topps and 4 handfull's of Water cresses
bruise those together in A morter, and Add a Small
quantety of Alicompaine Sliced Drink 3 Gill of itt
for Eight mornings together and Fast 3
Houres After itt

Do [Or?] This
Take 2 Pickled Hearings and cleave them then
take out ye Back bones And Apply the Affore
mentioned Hearings to ye Soales of your Feett and
Renew ym Every night for Eight nights together
Eat no Salt meat nor Sit up late att night for
that Time

To make Elixer Proprytatis
Take Aloes ye best 4 oz mirh ye best 3 oz Safron the
best 2 oz these to be finely Powdered and mixt together
and all Putt into 4 lb of the best Spiritt of Wine
with 1 oz of Salt of Tarter, these being Putt into A
Retort for yt Purpose and Sett in A Still Bottom
ye same Being covered 2 finger bredths thick with Sand
And A gentle fire Every day under itt for An hour
to warme it well for 6 weekes together being Shaekt every day

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