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A Receipt for to take away any Scurfe
or Pimples Arising on ye Skin Espetially
Take A Penny worth of Plague water 1 Penny
worth of Burrigh water mix ym together with
Sugar candy and Tak itt at Three times
A Penneworth of Flowre of Brimston Eaqually
devided 3 and taken att thrice is very good
One handfull of Hens dung cimbred in an Earthen
Pott with halfe a Pound of washed Butter Alsoe
A Penny worth of Flowre of Brimston intermingled

An Excellent Diet Bagg for Puryfieing ye Blood
Take Scena 3 oz water trefoyle A handfull Lignum
vite 4 oz Lignum Sassafrass 1 oz Sweet Fennell
Seeds 1 oz, The Butter Burdock Root 3 oz Juniper
Berryes 1 oz winter Barke 1/2 oz 2 nutmeggs 1/2 lb Raysins
Shred Small 1 Handfull of Fir Tops 1 Handfull
of Harts Tongue 2 oz of Liquoras Stick all
those to be Putt up in A Gallon of Ale or Bear
As you Please for Strength and lett it Stand to
Refine 3 dayes drink 1/2 Pint att A Time morning
and after noone as you See cause may drink more
or less

To Make Scorbutick Pills
Take Extractum Rudice 2 Drackms Pillele
Ruffe 2 Dram's Pillele Allifingine 2 Dram's
Rubarb Pouder 1/2 oz [Syrup?] Buckthorne 1 oz
Cimmecall oyle of Time 24 Drops oyle of
Sassafrass ye Same quantety Sall. Antemonia 2
Drackm's this to be well mixt together into A
Paist and made into Pills not Exceeding A
Bean for bigness you may take to Purge you well
2 att night and 3 in ye morning

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The recipe for scorbutic pills has a lot of Latin terms which probably indicate that this recipe came from a doctor, or from a published pharmacopoeia.
extractum rudice = extractum rudii = extract of rudius or pills or rudius
pillele = pilulae = pills
pillele ruffe = Rufus' pills (pharmacopoeia have recipes for these)
pillele allifingine = pilulae aloephanginae = pills of aloes