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A Receipt for A Diett Drink for one in a Consumption.
or Troubled with any inward weakness
Take one handfull of even's one handfull of
Hearts tongue one handfull of Liver woort one handfull
of Blood woort one handfull of Sage of jerusalem one
handfull of mother of Time one handfull small of sweet sage
one handfull of Lung wort one handfull of wood sage
3 Browne Fennell Roots and branch 1 handfull of
Bome 1 handfull of speirmint one handfull of sweet
Margerum dry or green 1 handfull of Black Berry
Leaves one good handfull of sweet horehound 1 Angeleco
Root 2 White camphera Roots 1/2 handfull of single
Tansey 9 spriggs of Ale Cost 2 lb of horse Raddish
1 handfull of Pelletory of the Wall or Root 2 handfulls
of Feild Bettony 1 handfull of Foles foot 9 Lady
Thistles 2 Burdock Root's and ye middle Leafe 1
handfull of unsett Hisope 9 mall Roots and Branch
19 Parsely Roots and Branch the bigest and the best all
these to be washed very clean and boyled very well
in 27 quarts of South Runing Spring water untill it
comes to 17 quarts then take it of and straine out the
Licquor, and add carraway seeds coriander seeds sweet
Fennell seeds Annoseeds of Each 1 quarter of A Pound
1/4 lb Licquoras stick slist very thin. 1oz 1/2 large mace
1oz of nutmeg's 1/2 oz of cloves beat the seeds and slice
the Nutmeggs and Putt the seeds and Liquoras in louse
and the spices in a Bagg then simber it over the fire
a Full houre now Putt in 1 Quart of Honey 3 lb of
Powdered sugar lett it stand untill it be as
could as milk from the cow then sett on yeast and
lett it work 24 houres then draw it of And Bottle
it, And lett the Party Drink thereof Three times
A day untill they have drunk three of these

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