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Dr Butler's Receipt
To make Laxative Bear with Scurvy Grass
Take Sarcaparilla Sliced in the midst cutt short
and brused 3 oz Polipode Root's of the oake bruised 3 oz
Scena of Alexandrea and Little Bruised 3 oz Rubarb
thinly sliced 1 lb 1/2 Annoseed's and carraway Seeds of
Each halph an ounce white Fennell Seeds brused 1 1/2 oz
Licoris Scraped and thin Sliced 1 oz mix all these
together in A gross Powder then take Scurvy Grass
leaves Picked one Pound and A halph Water Crasses
Brooke lime and Agrymony of Eather 4 oz beat all
together to A green Salve then mix them with the Gross
Powder and Tunn them up in Two Gallon's and a halph
of new Bear the hearbs and Powder's being Putt in A
Boulter Bagg, lett them worke togeather for the Space
of one day as they worke Squease the juce out of the Bag
in to the Drink 3 or 4 Times letting the Bagg hang in the
Drink continualy and when it is 4 Dayes old Drink
3 quarters of A Pint 2 hourse before Dinner and Supper
To Helpe Digestion and Expell Winde
Take of Aniseeds Sweet Fennell Seeds carua's
and pared coriander Seed's of Each 2 Dram's
Callamus Aromaticus and Gallingall of Each 1 Dram
Licorice, Sinamon and Nutmeg's of Each 1 Dram &
A Halph Ginger. and Cloves of Each 4 Scruples
beat them all to A gross Powder and Dissolve 12
ounces of Hard Sugar in A Suffitiant quantity of
Rose Water boyleing it to A Lozange consistance
Powders cast it after the usuall mannor of

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