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The Index
The Black Salve for a green
Wound or paine in pg 20th
The cold Pultus in pg 20th
The Green Oyntment Pg 29th
To take A Pearl of ye Eye pg 21th
The Stomach
Plaister A:S: in Pg 21st
Milk Water in pg: 21st
For A Rupter Aproved 22nd
For ye Gravill in Pg 23rd
To Strengthen ye Reignes in pg: 23rd
Milk Water in Pg: 23rd
For The Scurvie in Pg 24th
For an Extraordenary
Cough Pg. 24th
For A Diett Drink in pg 25th
For A consumtion in Pg 25th
For ye Dropsie in Pg 25th
For ye Scurvie in pg 26th
To make Lucatello's Balsome 26th
For Convoultian Fitts pg 27th
An Aproved Sear Cloth pg 27th
For convultion fitt's in pg 28th

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