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Cemetery Registered Number Names of Deceased Name of deceased (indenture number) Age Sex Place of Birth Date and place of death (date) Date and place of death (time of day) Date and place of death (place) Cause of death Married or Single Widow or Widower Names of declarants of Death Date of Burial Pauper Burial Private Burial Number of row and grave (row) Number of row and grave (grave) Square or Section Remarks Transcriber Comments
16890 Palchye? 40 years Female Madras 22.3.1874 5 pm Lahauius? Fever Single Nagew & Aranooleee 23.3.1874 Paid in town £030 Civil status permit No. 156 R8 G34 Square Q Indian Cemetery
16891 Misseerun 28 years Female Bengali? 22.3.1874 12 pm Poor Law Hospital Sloughiy Phage-dosau? Unknown Unknown Alcide Christian & Mooneesamy 23.3.1874 Pauper Civil status permit No. 357 R9 G7 Square Q Indian Cemetery
16892 Ravooheo? 41 years Male Madras 27.3.1874 6:30 pm Rocho Bois Bronchor? Pneumonia Malarial Fever Unknown Unknown H. Levmgs? & C. Delande 23.3.1874 £030 Civil status permit No. 41 R4 G46 Square Q Indian Cemetery
16893 J. J. Joseph 6 days Male Mauritius 23.3.1874 12:00 am de Courcy Street Cold J. Joseph & J. Samuel 24.3.1874 £030 Civil status permit No. 165 R18 G24 Square X Christian Cemetery

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