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I am giving attention and study to winter travel.
I have the cooperation of the companies in a plan for a
separate [foulder] for written announcement & I
feel assured that the completion of the Coast Road
which will place us practically on the main over-
land line, will greatly promote winter travel.
The S.P. Co. joined heartily with the P.I. Co in a do-
nation of two thousand dollars, half of the first esti-
mated cost of improvements on the Church and As-
semby Hall that will make a great increase
in its comfort and attractiveness.

With the cordial consent of the authorities I
have given much time during the year to the
promotion of the International Convention of the
Epworth League to be held in San Francisco
next year, an event so related to all our interests
as to justify the labor.

Respectfully submitted
Thos Felbeu

The above was adopted & ordered spread upon the

The following was unanimously adopted.
Whereas. Since our last meeting Mr. F.S. Douty
secretary of the P.I. Co. and very [intricately] related to
this association in that position, has been called into eternity.
Therefore Resolved. That we wish to [?] so put upon
record our high appreciation of the services Mr. Douty
rendered to us as a Board in making this Grove a
safe and pleasant seaside resort in every way [cour]-
[t??y] of the confidence & patronage of the people.

We even found him ready to promote its in-
terests in every possible way, not only formally

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