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The amusement feature planned for at the last meet-
ing of the Board has not entirely met expectations.
Its chief justification being that it could not be kept
out, and that being in, it were better under the nominal
control of the Association. The [Concessionaire] professes trac-
tability but there are many things about the establish-
ment that we could desire better. As if to demon-
strate that it could not be kept out, the party who
was refused a privilege last year has within a few
weeks established a biliard table in his place.
Many rumors of offences come to my ears as they doubt-
less come to some of you. Most of them disappear on
close inquiry and prove only idle gossip.

However just now some well defined reports of abuses
are in hand and steps are being taken to establish
liquor selling, gambling and possibly prostitution.
We have to deport the hearty cooperation of the City Fath-
ers, the Board of Trade and the vested interest in
this matter. A seemingly effective ordinance is
being vised by the attorney of the Pacific Improve-
ment Co, and if effective and the promised evidence
is forthcoming there will doubtless be some early

The Complaints of Mrs. A.K. Smith Continues. Fol-
lowing your authority in the Case, an agree-
ment was made with Mrs. Smith granting her
substantially what she had asked for, her
[bother] becoming hostage that the privilege would
not be abused.; but after papers as made out by
her attorney were signed by your officers,
she refused to sign them and has continued
her crusade. A continuing and inten-

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