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¶ This planet makes people contemplative,
thoughtful, chaste, and very astute;
they all have a subtle intellect.
They can do both good and evil adroitly.
Saturn's people can be identified by their comportment,
because they are very prudent, moreso than all others.
The name comes from a man who was born in Crete 1This word also means "clay," so there may be some wordplay here
and had the same nature as the planet.


¶ Of him [Saturn] the mighty Jupiter was born,
from whom the ancients took the lofty name
of the second planet that moves
within its sphere, sparkling like
clear crystal. Where this [planet] holds
lordship, it apportions riches justly:
it is temperate and possesses innate authority,
power, and greatness.


¶ Behind him follows his son,
fiery Mars, sanguine in nature and
ruddy in appearance. Wrath and fury
are the essence of his being.
His followers like to be unleashed,
enemies of laziness and repose.
And if they want to pursue the better side
of virtue and fortitude, they are skilled at it.

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Laura K. Morreale LLC

line 14 : this means, born from Saturn.