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and why he made man, we will now explain to you
the form of the world and how
it contains and comprises all things, and how it
is made and composed of in its entirety. But it is expedient
first to speak of the seven liberal arts and their
logic, and how they were discovered by those who
perceived knowledge and virtue. For by means of the seven
arts one knows the facts of the world and how it is situated.
So we should speak of these things straightaway, in order to
better understand those matters which we will discuss later on.
[rubric: Why and how
the seven liberal arts were invented,]
Now this book, which is [and of their order.]
derived from astronomy, declares how, in the past,
notable men and wise philosophers wanted to inquire
into the manner of the world and how it had been
made and created by God, which many people were wont to marvel at.
And when the world was made and encompassed, there were quite a few
people who regarded the firmament,
which, moving, turned all the way around the world.
They wondered greatly at how this could be,
and they kept vigil and studied for

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Marie Richards

original folio 10r
Walters folio 15r
BL Royal MS 19 A IX 14r-14v
Caxton, ed. Prior, p 19
Gossuin, ed. Prior, pp 67-68