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only to learn such knowledge as would allow them
to recognize the sovereign all-powerful King
who has made and created everything from nothing by His own hand.
And so they thought well in their understanding, like men
who were of noble and virtuous intention, that they could not have
knowledge of our Lord God
and of His power, unless they could understand
and inquire into His works, which seemed to them to be
the most excellent that they could investigate and know.
For one will never know the master if one does
not first know perfectly His situation and
His works, as they are. For by His works is the
workman known, and how He might be considered as such. And for this reason
the ancient fathers wanted to use
the works of Our Lord first of all, to more
easily know His power and His virtue, thinking they could
not occupy themselves in any more worthy or more
difficult labor. And to the extent that they could
know more about His works and His intention,
then they would be more willing to love their Creator
and honor Him. Thinking that He had made such

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Marie Richards

original folio 12v
Walters folio 17v
BL Royal MS 19 A IX 16v-17r
Caxton, ed. Prior, pp. 21-22
Gossuin, ed. Prior, p 70