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could comprehend why and how all the world
was made and encompassed, as you have heard
previously. They thought that if they could understand
and reason out individual things, then they could, from them,
gain understanding of the All-Powerful, and know Him in part --
at least by the things which they could see with their
own eyes, even if they were far away. Thus they wanted
to know the reason why they could see the stars move
in the heavens and why they shone so brightly. This was
certainly the primary reason why they first
started to study and investigate the sciences that
they did not know. And they were sure that they should
investigate the the things that they saw, rather than those
they could not see.
And for this reason they were led to know and to investigate
the movement of the firmament, which they had often observed,
because they wanted to know the truth. And they would say
that it was a very good thing to come to know that which was
pleasing to God and to understand his
natural works, in order to more perfectly understand and know
how He was the all-powerful God.
For one cannot know or find any reasoning
of God except solely through his works. The

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Marie Richards

original folio 13v
Walters folio 18v
BL Royal MS 19 A IX 17v-18r
Caxton, ed. Prior, pp 22-23
Gossuin, ed. Prior, p 71

Marie Richards

Line 13: There is a line of text missing between "veoient" and "nulles." The BL ms. reads as follows:
"veoient que de celles dont ilz ne veoient nullez."