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For it would have run its course quicker
than the larger one, but actually they
go at the same speed, as you can see
from this figure.
In this way you
can understand about
the seven planets I told you
about, that one situated below
the next and the lowest
one is the smallest of all.
But because it is closest to the earth it seems to be the largest
and most visible of all the others. And because of its closeness
to the earth, and because it moves so near the earth,
it does not have a pure clarity, for the earth is so
dark that it obscures the light that clarity that it would othewise
have. But the light that it shines on us
it takes from the sun, as though it were
a mirror that the rays of the sun hit
and then reflect out again all around, burning

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Marie Richards

original ms. Folio 85r
Walters ms. Folio 90r
BL Royal MS 19 A IX fol 98v-99r
Caxton, ed. Prior, p 124
Gossuin, ed. Prior, 155