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discovered through their reasoning. The days of the week
take their names from these seven planets, as you will
hear here. From the moon one gets Monday; from Mars,
Tuesday (mardi); from Mercury, Wednesday (merqeudi); from
Jupiter comes Thursday (joeudi); from Venus, Friday (vendredi);
from Saturn, saturday. And the holy Sunday comes from the
sun, which is the most beautiful. For this reason Sunday
is the best of all the days of the week. For on that day
all pain and labor is set aside, and on that day one should
spend one's time doing that which is pleasing to Our Lord.
But since in this second chapter I have already touched
on the firmament, I am now going to speak about certain
things that happen in the sky and on the earth, which cause
us all the more to consider Sunday as a day of peace and
praise. For on this day the Creator finished all the
things that he had done and made. [rubric:] About the
firmament and the stars [/rubric]
Above Saturn, which is the last and highest of the
seven planets, comes the sky. When the weather
is clear one can see that it is so full of stars it would seem
to be sown with them. This sky of stars is the sky of the
firmament, which turns with such great joy and such great

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Marie Richards

original ms. Folio 87r
Walters ms. Folio 92r
BL Royal MS 19 A IX fol 100v-101v
Caxton, ed. Prior, pp 127-128
Gossuin, ed. Prior, 158-159