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contrary, good always grows and improves.
And for that reason nothing is evil but sin.
For as you may understand, it comes to nought, just like excrement.
There is nothing that must be done correctly, save only
that it must be lasting (see note). And indeed it is good for one
to stand near the good, for from it he will always be drawn
back to the right path [this is a loose version]. And if someone
customarily does good works willingly, they will cause him
to be led into Paradise, as one who has no other retreat or
home, and thus it is right for him to dwell there. It is
right for him to come to Paradise to hold it as his own
place and also to fill it up. There is no man in the world
who knows how to do such good things that does not
always find his rightful place and retreat according to his
merits, even such that this noble place is without limit
or term, even though no good things at all ever have a term
or end unless through some fault. And it is continually
full of all consolation, all delights, all good things, all joy,
and all happiness without lacking in anything, and
those who deserve [to be received] by Our Lord
will have full possession of all

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Marie Richards

original ms. Folio 122r
Walters ms. Folio 127r
BL Royal MS 19 A IX fols 143v-144r
Caxton, ed. Prior, pp 175-176
Gossuin, ed. Prior, 197-198

Marie Richards

lines 6-7: Not sure what this means. Caxton has "Ther is nothing that ought to be made right, but only this that ought to be permanent. "