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In the second part, it is explained to you where the earth
is inhabited, and the division of the map of the world.
And first it speaks of the terrestrial paradise, and then
of the countries and regions of India and of the diversity
that is there of people, beasts, and trees, as well as stones,
birds and certain fish that are there, and of many other
matters that we have spoken of. And where the Hell, the Painful, is.
And of the great suffering that those who are condemned endure
there. After this you have heard about the second element, which
is the water of the rivers and the hot and cold fountains, both
healthy and tainted, that are in various countries. And how
the sea becomes salty. How the earth cracks and breaks.
And then of the air: how the wind blows and the rain comes.
Of tempests and storms. Of fire and falling stars, and what they
are, of the pure air and the seven planets. Of how leap year
comes to be. And of the firmament and its turning. And of the
stars that are all around. In the third part you have heard how
both night and day come to be. And about the moon and the sun,
how they emit clarity and how each of them loses its clarity

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Marie Richards

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Walters ms. Folio 132r
BL Royal MS 19 A IX n/a
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