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with all ingenuity, with all virtue, with all zeal.
Take up the struggle against temporal
troubles, be steadfast in all circumstances,
patiently endure all things, tolerate all adversities
with a calm soul. Do not focus only on your
individual situation, your bitterness is not the only one
to be weighed by you, your calamity is not the only one
to be considered by you. Look at similar
cases of others, pay attention to the miseries of those
to whom something bitter has happened, and while
you remember the dangers of others, you bear your own more mildly.
For the examples of others alleviate grief,
and the misfortunes of others more easily console
a person. Why do you lament so bitterly your most severe
fate? Why do you mourn so much the causes of your danger?
Your torments are not new,
you have examples of calamities. How many
such hardships, how many such dangers, have they endured?

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Line 12-14: Schadenfreude? Or not?