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ment -- tell you how glad
I am that you are in
your dear beautiful
home instead of on the
other side of the ocean.

It is about a year
ago now that I saw
you all in Lucerne &
dear Mr Stanford he
was so courteous & so
kind & we were in hopes
he would live many years
but God, has seen fit
to take him & he has joined
your dear son & are

[written sideways]

happy together. It is only a question
of time with us all. He has gone
before "that is all & of him
much better you can spare him than
he could spare you - you have been
such a dear devoted wife & God
grant you can find peace and comfort
for you love our Saviour & he loves
you. God bless you and comfort you &
believe me Yours in sympathy

Angie N. Allen

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