Aimee Gardner Hanson



Aimee Gardner (Lathrop) Hanson (1866-1954) was the daughter of Jane Lathrop Stanford's brother Daniel Shields Lathrop. She married Walter Hendricks Hanson (1866-1912) in 1889. They had one son, Walter Lathrop Hanson (1890-1918) who died of influenza in the flu pandemic. She also raised her namesake niece, Aimee Margaret (Gunning) Reynolds (1888-1977), from the age of 6 after her widowed sister Christine Dunn Monteath Lathrop (1863-1894) died at age 31. After her son died, Aimee adopted her niece Aimee, who was 35 years old, and niece Aimee's two children. This resulted in a lawsuit against Stanford University after Aimee Hanson's death with the niece and her children trying to claim the remainder of her inheritance that had been left by Jane Lathrop Stanford. The court ruled that the adopted children had no claim to the inheritance which then reverted to Stanford University.

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