Daniel Shields Lathrop



Daniel Shields Lathrop (1825-1883) was an older brother of Jane Lathrop Stanford who attended boarding school, helped with his father's mercantile business, was a bank clerk and clerk in a state office, all within and nearby Albany, New York. He took a position in lumber sales and later partnered with George H. Thacher and John Boyd Thacher in manufacturing wheels for train cars as Thacher, Lathrop & Co. In 1855 he married Harriet Monteith Wilson (1833-1913) and they had three daughters, Jeannie Wilson "Jennie" (Lathrop) Lawton (1859-1927), Christine Monteith Lathrop (Gunning) (1863-1894) and Aimee Gardner (Lathrop) Hanson (1866-1954).

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