Helen M. Stanford



Helen Maria Stanford (1830-1909), born Helen Maria Allyne, married Captain James Willard Barker (1810-1856) in San Francisco, Feb. 23, 1854. First child, Arlouine Willard Barker, was born Dec. 13, 1854 and died in infancy on Sep. 26, 1856, sixteen days after her father's death. A second daughter, Gertrude "Gertie" Fronie Barker was born Apr. 29, 1856. Helen married Josiah Stanford, Jr. (1817-1890), older brother of Leland Stanford, on July 25, 1861. Josiah had a daughter Agnes Stanford (1846-1906) from his first wife Elvira Griffin (1825-1852). The two stepsisters, Gertie and Agnes, were joined by a half-brother Josiah "Joe" Winslow Stanford (1864-1937) born on Aug. 24, 1864. The family lived at "Warm Springs" in current Fremont, CA, former site of the Warm Springs Hotel and converted into the "Leland Stanford Winery", beginning in 1869. In 1882 the family acquired the Camron-Stanford house in Oakland and divided their time between Warm Springs and Oakland.

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