Jackman Herrick



Jackman Herrick (1987-1934) was a member of the Stanford class of 1896. He arrived on campus in August of 1892 and, in order to earn money, became private secretary to President Jordan. His first student acquaintance was Herbert Hoover. He was news editor for the Stanford Daily during its first year of publication. In March of 1894 Herrick contracted typhoid and had Herbert Hoover as his attendant. Lack of funds and ill health forced him to drop out with the intention of one day completing his degree. He moved to Boston, worked for a newspaper, studied law and in 1898 passed the bar in Pennsylvania and practiced law until 1903. He then moved to the Rosebud Reservation in South Dakota on its opening. He moved to Utah and became a rancher, relocated to Arizona for his health, but returned to Utah where he died. An article in the January 5, 1925 Stanford Daily describes his saga and a return to the university to repay its investment in him.

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