Chas. W. Greene



Charles Wilson Greene (1866-1947) graduated from DePauw Normal School in 1889, where he had been teaching since 1886. He began attending Stanford as a graduate student when it opened in September of 1891 and was awarded an A.B. degree in Physiology in June 1892. In May of 1892 he helped to prepare the Hopkins Seaside Laboratory, donated by Timothy Hopkins, for its opening on June 27, 1892. His future wife, Flora Hartley (1865-1948), was one of the other graduate students helping with the preparations for the opening which was overseen by David Starr Jordan. Greene received his A.M. degree in 1893 from Stanford. In 1896-1897 he was an Instructor in Zoology at the Marine Biological Laboratory at Woods Hole, MA, then took a fellowship in Physiology at Johns Hopkins where he was awarded a Ph.D. in 1898. He returned to Stanford as an Assistant Professor in Physiology and remained until 1900 when he was offered to head the Physiology Department at the University of Missouri in Columbia where he completed his career. He was the author of several books in his discipline and did extensive research on the physiology of various fish species.

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