H. I. Mulcrevy



Henry I. "Harry" Mulcrevy (1868-1936) was a native San Franciscan who was elected to the state assembly in 1896 then was elected county clerk in 1905. His term as San Francisco county clerk began in January of 1906 and the earthquake in April destroyed many of the county records, forcing his office to scramble to reconstruct as much as they were able to. Mulcrevy was re-elected repeatedly and served many years as county clerk.
Mary Margaretta (Fryer) Manning (1844-1928) was very prominent in women's organizations in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Her husband, Daniel Manning (1831-1887) was a businessman and journalist and his chairmanship of the New York Democratic party led to his appointment as U.S. Secretary of the Treasury in 1885. He was forced to resign due to health reasons in early 1887 and died later that year. After her husband's death Mrs. Manning continued to live in Washington, D.C., expanding her involvement in women's organizations, serving as President General of the Daughters of the American Revolution, vice president of the Association of Women of America, and as a member of Colonial Dames of America.

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