Jeannie K. Stickney



Jeannie E. (Kendall) Stickney (1828-1903) was the daughter of Amos Kendall (1789-1869), Postmaster General under Andrew Jackson and Martin Van Buren and the business manager for Samuel Morse's telegraph, which made him wealthy. Jeannie married William Stickney (1827-1881) in 1852. Jeannie's father and husband co-founded the Columbia Institution for the Deaf which became Gallaudet University. In 1870, in the District of Columbia, Jeannie and 10 other women incorporated the Women's Christian Association, of which Jeannie served as President for 13 years and was on the board until 1899 when she moved to California. This organization created and managed the Young Women's Christian Home, a temporary home for women coming to the District of Columbia. Jeannie also founded and was President of the Baptist Home for aged ladies in Georgetown.

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