Lucy A Deady



Lucy Ann (Henderson) Deady (1835-1923), wife of Matthew Paul Deady (1824-1893) who was a Trustee of Stanford University named in the founding grant in 1885 and served on the Board until his death on March 24, 1893, 3 months before Leland Stanford's death. Lucy's family traveled from Missouri to Oregon by wagon train in 1846, staying with an uncle before settling in Oregon City in the spring of 1847. Matthew Deady emigrated to Oregon in 1849, living in Lafayette, first as a teacher, then a self-taught lawyer. Matthew married 17-year-old Lucy in 1852 and he gradually became more involved in politics, helping in the effort for Oregon statehood in 1859. In 1853 the family moved to a 320 acre Donation Land Claim in Douglas county in the Umpqua Valley and Matthew was appointed to the Supreme Court of the Oregon Territory. In 1860 they moved to Portland as Matthew had been appointed to the newly created U.S. District Court for Oregon by President James Buchanan. He held this appointment until his death in 1893.

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