Gertrude Stanford



Gertrude "Gertie" Fronie Barker Stanford (1856-1950), daughter of Helen Maria (Allyne) (Barker) Stanford (1830-1909) and Captain James Willard Barker (1810-1856). Step-daughter of Leland Stanford's brother Josiah Stanford, Jr. (1817-1890) who married the widowed Mrs. Barker in 1861. Sister of Arlouine Willard Barker (1854-1856), half-sister of Josiah "Joe" Winslow Stanford (1864-1937) son of Josiah Stanford Jr. and Helen Allyne Stanford, and step-sister of Agnes Taylor Stanford (1846-1906) daughter of Josiah Stanford and his first wife, Elvira Griffin (1825-1852).

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