Jennie Flood



Cora Jane "Jennie" Flood (1855-1928) was the daughter of James Clair Flood (1826-1889) and Mary Emma (Leary) Flood (1827-1897). Her father was one of the four "Bonanza Kings", a stockbroker who profited immensely from mining silver from the Comstock Lode in Nevada, then became an investor in real estate. Jennie lived with her parents and brother at the family home in San Francisco, the James C. Flood Mansion, and in their country estate in Menlo Park, Linden Towers. When her parents died Jennie inherited Linden Towers but decided it was too much for her to maintain so she donated the estate, consisting of 540 acres in Menlo Park to the University of California. This donation was used to establish the Haas School of Business, with the University eventually selling the property to Jennie's brother, James Leary "Jimmie" Flood (1857-1926), who alternately lived there and at the James Leary Flood Mansion in San Francisco with his family and servants until his death. Jennie moved into the James C. Flood Mansion on California Street in San Francisco but the house was gutted by fire in the aftermath of the 1906 earthquake and the property and shell of the mansion were sold to the Pacific Union Club in 1909, who restored the building and continue to use it to this day. Jennie Flood never married and died in San Francisco.

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