President Seth Low



Seth Low (1850-1916) was a businessman, politician and educational administrator. He worked in the family's trading business, importing teas, porcelain and silk from China, until 1888 when the firm was liquidated and his share made him quite wealthy. He served as the mayor of Brooklyn from 1881 to 1885, then became the President of his alma mater Columbia College from 1890 to 1901, moving the location from Midtown to Upper Manhattan and leading the effort to change the name to Columbia University. In 1901 Low ran a successful campaign to become the second mayor of the newly consolidated New York City, having failed in the first election in 1897. He failed to be re-elected in 1903 and went on to become chairman of Tuskegee University from 1907 to 1916. He held leadership positions in many civic and charitable organizations during his life.

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