Little Ned



Edward Beale "Ned" McLean (1885-1941) was the son of John Roll McLean (1848-1916), owner and publisher of the Washington Post and Cincinnati Enquirer, and Emily Truxton (Beale) McLean (1854-1912). He was owner and publisher of the Washington Post from his father's death in 1916 until 1933. In 1908 he married Evalyn (Walsh) McLean (1886-1947), daughter of a mining millionaire, and in 1911 he bought the "Hope Diamond", for her. Ned was discredited during the Teapot Dome scandal when he was found to have perjured himself during testimony in the Senate. He was divorced from Evalyn in 1932 under complicated circumstances in which he claimed to have remarried before the divorce was final. His free spending forced him to sell the Washington Post in 1933 and a court declared him legally insane and he was committed to a psychiatric hospital for the remainder of his life.

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