Grace Douglas Temple



Grace Douglas Temple (1877-1973) was the daughter of Reverend Daniel Herbert Temple (1822-1897), who was a private teacher to Leland Stanford Jr. from 1881 to 1883, and his second wife, Mary Hubbard (Turrill) Temple (1839-1916), daughter of a U.S. Representative from New York. Grace matriculated at Stanford University in 1894 and graduated with an A.B. Latin in 1898. She returned to Stanford in September of 1898 for post-graduate work in Latin and English but did not complete the A.M. degree. She became a teacher in Fallbrook, then Los Gatos, taught Latin, History, and Mathematics and was librarian at Clovis Union High School, and in 1912 ended up at Santa Cruz High School where she taught modern languages until her retirement.

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