Samuel Lothrop



Samuel Lothrop (1622-1700) was the most recent of Jane Lathrop Stanford's ancestors who was born in England, before his father, John Lothropp (1584-1653), emigrated with the family to Massachusetts. Samuel is also the most recent common ancestor in the Lathrop family of both Jane Stanford and Elizabeth Brewster (Champion) Lathrop (1818-1895), who corresponded regarding Lathrop family genealogy. Samuel arrived in Massachusetts with his father in 1634, settling in Scituate, then the family moved to Barnstable in 1638, where he married Elizabeth Scudder (1625-1690) in 1644. In 1648 he moved to Pequot, now New London, in Connecticut and soon after received a large land grant about five miles upriver at a place called Namussuck, which became the family farm. In 1661 he sold his home in town and in 1668 moved to Norwich. After the death of his first wife he married Abigail Doane (1632-1734), of whom it was claimed "At the time of her decease the descendants of her husband amounted to 365." Samuel himself had nine children, born between 1645 and 1667.

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