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Ben Johnson say[sic] --

This world Death's region is, the other, the other life's
and here it should be, one of our first strifes
so to front death, as each might judge us ^past it
For the Good, but see death, the others taste it.

But our noble "Longfellow" says truthfully,
Art is long, and time is fleeting,
and our Hearts, tho strong and Brave;
Still like muffled drums are beating,
Funeral marches to the Grave!

With true sympathy to you madam,
for your recent bereavement, and most
truly rejoicing in the knowlege of
your improvedin health and your safe
return, and that of your noble husband[s]

I am most sincerely and respectfully


Col. Warren

Farmer Office 1004 Howard St.

S. F.

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