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Charles H. Babbitt
933 Mass. Avenue, N.W.,
Washington, D.C.

"Spirit of the Times," New York.
"Dramatic Journal," Chicago.
"Daily Nonpareil," Concil Bluffs, Iowa

July 19th 1893

Dear Mrs. Stanford,

I have been
wishing to tell you how much
I sympathize with you in your
great loss. We are "only two," and
I know I should feel that the
World had almost come to an end
if I lost my husband, so feel
for other wives, so bereft, more
deeply than I have words to

I am sorry to see in this
morning's paper that you are
going to remain in California
and lease your home, here,
to which I, one of very many,
hoped you would return after

Do you leave all of your
pictures and other beautiful
things in it? It will seem

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