Condolence letters re: death of Leland Stanford: Bl - Br includes Jas. G. Blaine, Jr. (Tel.), Henry W. Blair, John Bonness, J.H.C. Bonté, F.O. Boyd, and John Boyd

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your dear Sister also-

While east in early Spring I saw "Mrs Cavert" several times who inform -ed me of the state of your Husbands health, she also gave me one of the Memorials of "Mrs Hughes"-

I know mere words avail nothing, but my memory reverts so often to our for mer days of warm friend -ship that I ventured to speak at this time remem -bering too our correspondence of later yrs.--While our lives & circumstances have greatly varied during the past, still my feeling of old friendship remains as ever.

My dear I can only com -mend you to His care who "doeth all things well" 'tho to us many times it seems very dark--You are greatly blessed with an abundance of this worlds goods, in contrast to many who are left to strug -gle alone for a mere pittance.

I have a living sorrow which is often said to be heavier to bear than one by death. My dear Connie is still an in -mate of an "Insane-Inst” — I attend to her wants & visit her once a month--Oh how

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often in our hours of afflic -tion we are tempted to ask "why must this come to me"? but we can only bow in submission & be still--You may have heard I now make my home with my Daughter & while not as independent financially as would be pleasant still I have a nice home & am very glad to again return to private life--This is not intended merely as a letter of Condolence but as one of warm sympathy to a former dear friend & Neigh -bor--Hoping I have not in -truded I remain

Yours very sincerely

M. E. Blackwell.

[Letterhead] 3260 Groveland Avenue. {/Letterhead]

Chicago, July 21st/93.

Mrs. Stanford

My Dear Friend

Pardon me if I intrude in this your hour of great sorrow, by expressing to you my sin cere sympathy--I know what it is to lose one who has been ones nearest com -panion for yrs--you partic -ularly are left truly lonely having so lately parted with

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Virginia City, Nev. June 22, 1893

Mrs. Leland Stanford:

Dear Madam:

I have just been informed of the death of Senator Stanford.

Accept my sincere sympathy in your sad bereavement.

Dear friend:

In your hour of bereave ment try & take a little consolation in the thought that there are worse things on earth than death.

With respect & sympathy, I remain Yours truly, Mrs. Thos. Blake Mother of P. H Leland Stanford Blake.

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see him again you were gone. Still I felt sure of his return when Congress shall again assemble & that we were again to hold sweet converse together upon subjects of high concern to human welfare whereof he so loved to speak and upon which he could so interest and instruct us all.

Almonst no man in history has done so much to help & so little to harm mankind. When we consider all that he had already done it appears wrong to desire longer to detain him from his reward; but when we think of what the next ten years of his ripened and

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