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512 F Street

June 22nd/93

Dear Mrs Stanford:

Over four years ago
you wrote me a letter filled
with kind and sympathetic
words on the loss of my
best friend, my companion,
my Mother. Today I hear
of your loss, your friend,
companion and husband
has been taken from you.

You will have many to
mourn with you, but
no one could feel deeper
for you than I who can
so well appreciate that
awful feeling of lonliness [sic]
which comes over us when

[left side]

generation has passed away.

God in placing this other
cross on your shoulders
expects that you will
invoke His and more than
ever and He will send
you comfort and resignation.

When our friends are in
trouble our natural desire
is to do something for
them. I only wish I could
serve you in some way.

Yours very truly

Paul E. Johnson.

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Last name of Johnson misclassified in Ho-I section.