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Greenfield. Mass.

June 26th 1893

Dear Mrs. Stanford.

The terrible blow
has fallen and you are alone
through the remainder of your
earthly pilgrimage. Only, only
too well I know all the desolation,
the bitterness, the woe of widowhood.
No loss like that of a beloved
companion in its bitter desolation.
May His Mighty Arms hold you
up and shelter you unto the End.
Oh! what a meeting it will be on
that other side "across the
Shining Shore"? I am wondering
in all the mystery of the
"Great Unseen", who have already
met? My heart is overwhelmed
within me and words are too poor.


given my heart of hearts! You kindly wished me
"Good health" - am sorry to have to say, since I had the
Grippe a year ago, I have been afflicted with rheu-
malism, effecting my knees; but I am not crippled
and dare not complain. Yet with my always active locomotion
it has been and is a sore trial to me, this stiffness and
lameness. Am better and hope for a summer's recovery.
A limited income will not admit of much travel or I should
soon seek change of scene and climate. I would joy to go
to California once more if it could be. It will not do for
me to let my thoughts wander and I must "be still".

May our Loving Heavenly Father shield and comfort you
and bear us bravely on to the Great End, receiving us at
last into His Heavenly Fold. May God permit us to meet again
face to face. I know you are surrounded by all Earth can give,
but, none can better understand or more deeply feel your
woe, than your truly sorrowing friend.

Anna Judah

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