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as they must now. The ever merciful
Jesus walks in the garden all day.
The Angels guard us through the -
long night. Nights of pain, and
anquish, for the lonly chamber
is so still!! The sweet soft voices
hused - O! Christ! in Thy mercy
match, her dear life will spare her
for deeds of love - and kindness,
yea! more and more abundant.
until river of peace, shall pass
over her soul, as for former days.
You have drank at the Fourntaint
of living waters - and your soul
has been refreshed with the -
[dews?] of His love. When he
giveth - his beloved - this [Br?]!
none can enter in [Dr?] and
distort the - tranquility - "Alone!
with - God." in His Glory." The
blesed Angels Chant Our [Dr?]
Halli[Dr?] [Dr?] to the Lamb.

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