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comfort you and He will
for the Lord is Good indeed
and does not willingly
afflict his children.

It is so hard for you
and I pray that you may
be comforted - I know your
sorrow Every pang has been
mine alone and it
seems almost beyond
our strength to bear.

But He who has
lead will lead you on
and bring His healing
his comfort -

I wish I could say
something to comfort your poor
heart I know that cannot be
for it is only Time can
bring healing.

I have always felt so
grateful for the sweet things
you sent to me to read they
have become precious to me
but not a first that has
also to come -

I have been here in my
sweet old home some weeks
and in its quiet have much
time to think and hope
for you - God bless and
bring you comfort is my
constant prayer for you -
I am dear Mrs Stanford
always -


Mary K. Matthews

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