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Lou Frank graduated with high
honors & has the valedictorian -
still his future fills us with anxiety
[Dr?] means to start him, or to
gratify our desire to begin his career
in a special study in California
where he wished him to identified -
od bless & protect you my
dear Mrs Stanford & give you
strength & courage in your
great bereavement indeed we
look upon your dear husband's
death as a national misfortune
but our sadness is tempered by
the thought that you will hope
energy &spirit to finish his
good work - May peace that
Cometh from Gob dwell un your
heart - & in your house hold - I am
resting in the country for a month or
so - but my address is alway 1310,
[Dr?] avenue.

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separation from your dear husband,
reached me -but I feared my
letter would be lost among the mul-
-titude of others you would receive.
Your last sorrow has filled up
your cup to the brim - leaving
you bereft of all [Dr?] &
dearest to you - But oh, you
have endured so many to you
by your kindest of nature &
the broad character of your

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