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I have sold my interest in our
12th st home and only keep my country
home Millbrook. opposite the beautiful,
Halcyon, where I met Mrs Boggs.

I came to Vineyard Haven to be
with my daughter Mrs Davison - (Birdie)
and her baby boy John Alden. two months
old - I return to Millbrook this coming
week for the autumn & New York for
the winter. I wish you were living nearer
that sometimes we could talk over
other days & of dear ones. My life is
now in the past. but I do not give up
my mission work. visiting must
come to me. I am more glad to see
my friends and most fully appreciate
their kindness in coming - I take small journeys
& enjoy them - before the winter I mean to go
to the cemetery Albany - shall go to "Dot's," think
of the time: - I think it was, 1838, or 39 we first
knew Mrs Covert. I was a school girl. living
in Green st, before she learned her trade, about
58 years ago - or rather 60. years ago.

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