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Post Script to Oct 4 1895 letter (unable to be photocopied)

P.S. In dictating to my secretary -- which I have not yet learned how
to do -- I forgot to speak of the celebration of Mrs. Stanton's 80th
birthday -- in the Metropolitan Opera House New York on Nov. 12th -- where
she will be the central figure on the stage -- with groups around her of
pioneer Doctors, Ministers, Newspaper women -- while young women will
make the speeches telling them what their early work has resulted in
for the present generation -- I wish you as the pioneer woman to own
& manage a great university could be with us that Nov. 12 evening to
show what wonderful power has come to you to help the young people --

The National Council of Women has the entire management of the
celebration -- as you will see it is composed of twenty great national
bodies -- so it is not suffrage women alone who extend the honor to Mrs.
Stanton -- but women of all professions, aims and objects together --

pardon this scribble--


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