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and by heavy economical losses
sustained during that time, I am
now brought into the necessity
of refusing those who formerly
never left my door unaided.
I take therefore the liberty
appeal to you and ask you whether
you would be pleased by a little
fraction of your wealth, to
enable me to resume my
charitable work, so beneficient
for so many.
It is true that I am a
perfect stranger to you, but
your Consul at this place
will be sure to certify that
my name is a sufficient
guaranty from the truth of
my words.
I entertain no great hopes
of my request being granted,
but in the event that you
should interest yourself also
for the poor of other countries,
you may be persuaded that
I shall conscientiously make
account for the means

you may eventually confide to me
and likewise that I shall to all
those who may benefit from
these means mention the
name of the generous donor,
in order that they, like my-
self, may enclose you in
their prayers.
Begging you kindly to
excuse my boldness in wri-
ting to you I am
Dear Madam
Yours very respectfully
J. Waldermar Begat
Halsingegatan 5

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The writer's location is in Stockholm, Sweden