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have done our part to make
Kansas a prohibition state
I have been interested in the
history of your family and grately [sic]
pleased with the sucess you have
made in your grate [sic] work and
I was impressed (underlined) to write you
and ask if after giving 50 millions
for the University you could spare
something for the benefit of the
Kansas Children. We once had
a donation of 2000.00 and again
of 22000.00 and in both cases the
parties died before the legal papers
were executed. We are nearley [sic]
all farmers and no capitolists, a mem-
bership of 185 {135?} grately [sic]scattered. I know
of nothing that would be more useful
than to pay off our mortgage. we owne [sic]
11 1/2 ackers [sic] of nice oak grove 1/2 mile
from Post Office in vilage [sic], have Hotel
Rostrum and necessary buildings

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Oak Grove Spiritualist church and camp in Delphos