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Mother to take care of and my
Wife's health is poor and I
am unable to do Physical labor.
My Dear Lady if you would
kindly send me {you dft ?} for
$2,000 to provid [sic] for the necesities [sic]
of lif [sic] and get my Daughter
through the University you
would for ever be a God Mother
to my family. All I have to
secure you with is my
Insurance Policy of $2,000 in
the A O U W of which I am
a member of good standing
I would gladly make you the
Beneficery [sic] of the Policy and
send it to you, or if you had
any position you could give
me to earn the money I would

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A O U W is the Ancient Order of United Workmen, a fraternal organization founded in 1868.