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Jan 2nd 1902
Gov Stanford
Hon Dear Sir
If you are still
interested in horses I propose to
give you free ( for one at least) information
not obtainable from any other that
will I think be of value to you in buying
or before training.
Try me by sending some photos of their
heads, giving a clear view, nearly sideway,
also that I may see their faces. Also have
their ears forward if you can.
I propose to give their capacity for
trotting, running, or walking also, en-
durence and dispositions. and whether
keen on the bit, or otherwise and there
manner of stepping possibly. Also in drafts
whether true to start and draw heavy loads.
(In Western bred horses or their cross branches
I am not yet satisfied as to their traits)
I now reside at Souris Manitoba but
previously at Macville Ont. where Charles
and J Taylor were raised, who were once in
your employ. I have the honor to be
Yours truly Wm Hull, Souris, Manitoba

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interesting to read a letter to Gov Stanford dated in 1902, when he died in 1893